I Needed to Make the Right Choice About What to Do for My Back

The Cumming chiropractor that I went to told me prior to my first treatment that I may or may not see a positive change right away. But he also told me that if I gave him the trust that he needed to keep me coming back for at least a few more appointments that I would see myself getting better. He knew that I had tried other avenues first and they did not work. I was willing to keep coming to him because I had no other choice. But I have now learned that seeing him has been the very best choice for my back and neck health.

Most people seem to have back trouble because they push themselves too hard in one way or another. But I am not someone who pushes too hard. I’m the total opposite of that, or I should say that I was. I was basically a couch potato. I ate what I wanted and did not care about exercise. I was more interested in what was on TV or what my girlfriends had to say when they called me to gossip. So, for the most part, I spent most of each day lying or sitting down. I ate a lot of junk food. The weight affected my back.

When I went to see a chiropractor, it was really pleasant and different from what usually happens in my physician’s office. Typically, my doctor just tells me that these things take time as a way to say that he can’t help me, without actually admitting it. But the chiropractor told me that there is help for me, and he put together a treatment plan that will help me get myself back to feeling good and taking better care of my body. He has helped me how to learn which types of exercises can make my back healthier, too.