Orthotics Probably Saved My Son’s Posture

What are orthotics? A chiropractor in Phoenix explained to me that it’s a medical procedure where braces are used to make sure an injured part of the body heals properly after a severe injury. It can also help fix someone’s posture by using insoles in shoes to repair an abnormal walk. In our case, orthotics helped our son regain his posture after he suffered a serious injury in a car accident. He was out with his friends and they were goofing around and a truck hit their car head on. He’s lucky to be alive. His friend who was driving spent a week in a coma at the hospital.

After our son got out of the hospital, we noticed he was having trouble standing up straight. The doctors assured us that this was normal and that as his back healed he would be his normal self. The problem is that this did not happen. In fact, he seemed to get worse as time went on. Back injuries are nothing to joke around about so we took him back to the doctors and they just shrugged and said he would be fine when the back healed.

I had enough of these doctors. I made an appointment with the chiropractor and took him in as fast as I could. I explained to the chiropractor what happened and asked if there was anything he could do. He was astonished that the doctors had our boy up and walking around, and said that should have never happened without an appropriate brace to protect his back while he healed. He fitted our son for a brace and he’s wearing it now. I will say he looks funny wearing it (he hates it of course), but I’m just glad the chiropractor knew what to do. Our boy could have ended up a cripple!