Wellness Can Come About in More Than One Form

Never having had headaches before, I was highly alarmed when I suddenly began having them every day. Nothing I could find over the counter was working. When my doctor sent me for a CT scan and stated that I don’t have any sort of tumor causing the problem, I was concerned about what else I could do. He stated that he could do nothing more other than prescribe a stronger pain medication for me. That didn’t work out so well, but going to a chiropractor in Philadelphia did help me more than any prescription did.

I really do not like to take over the counter meds or even prescriptions because I am so sensitive to so many things. Taking something might help to relieve whatever symptoms I have, but then I soon find out that I have other side effects as a result of whatever I took. Solving one thing, only to replace it with yet another symptom is not a total answer. So, I try not to take anything if I can help it. But my pain was so incredibly bad that I resorted to trying that pills that the doctor prescribed for me. I ended up sleeping for 8 hours each time I took a pill. The problem with that is that I do not just have pain at night, so I would end up sleeping during the day and getting nothing done. That did not work for me in any way.

A chiropractor visit helped me to see that I needed something else entirely. I needed someone who understood that there are other ways to bring wellness to a person. I felt relief right away. The headaches that I was having on a daily basis are no longer happening anymore. The issue simply disappeared! However, I still go back for treatment once per month because it is so calming.